Club Volleyball Payment Schedule 2013-2014 2013-2014

Payment Schedule

TeamDepositMonthly Payment (Sept-April)TotalTournamentsTeam Type
18 Red/White$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$381 (Nov-April)$36869Travel
17Red$500$473 (Sept-Oct)/$420 (Nov-April)$39669Travel
17 White$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$400 (Nov-April)$38009Travel
16 S/Black & 17 Silver$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$394 (Nov-April)$37649Travel
17 Blue$500$263$26049Local
16 Red$500$473 (Sept-Oct)/$420 (Nov-April)$39669Travel
16 White$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$400 (Nov-April)$38009Travel
16 Blue$500$263$26049Local
15 Red/White$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$400 (Nov-April)$38009Travel
15 Silver/Black$500$382 $35569Travel
15 Blue$500$263$26049Local
14 Red/White$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$390 (Nov-April)$37409Travel
14 Silver/Black$500$382$35569Travel
14 Blue$500$263$26049Local
13 Red$500$450 (Sept-Oct)/$390 (Nov-April)$37409Travel
13 White/Silver/Black$500$335$31809Travel
13 Blue$500$263$26049Local
12 Red/White$500$347$32769Travel
12 Blue$500$263$26049Local
11 Red$500$263$26049Travel

Basic Club Volleyball Info

Developmental TeamsLocal TeamsTravel Teams
Ages4th/5th grade12-1710-18
PracticesOnce a WeekTwice a WeekThree a Week
Performance TrainingAvailableOnce a WeekTwice a Week
TournamentsHouston TournamentsHouston TournamentsUSAV National Tournaments
Other Sports Allowed?YesYesPermission Required
Players Receive1 Asics Uniform Top1 Asics Uniform Top2 Asics Uniform Tops (15s and up Red/White 3 tops)
1 Pair of Spandex1 Pair of Spandex2 Pairs of Spandex
1 Pair of Asics Shoes2 Practice Shirts2 Practice Shirts
1 Practice Shirt1 Pair of Shorts1 Pair of Shorts
Gym BagGym Bag
1 Pair of Asics Socks2 Pairs of Asics Socks
1 Pair of Asics Shoes1 Pair of Asics Shoes
Set of Warm UpsSet of Warm Ups