Gator Developmental League

Willowbrook Gator Developmental League- 2014-2015

Willowbrook Developmental Club is for girls in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades ONLY. This program is geared toward all skill levels within the 4th-6th grade age group. It is a great starting point for our nationally recognized Asics Willowbrook Junior Volleyball Club program. 2rd graders with experience may sign up.




Sign up: $600

Reg will open Sept 1.

$300 Sign Up fee, which you pay online. (one time fee)

Session 2 Payments: ($150) are due on the 15th of each month starting Jan and Feb.


How to Join

Session 1: November 17th-February 16th- CLOSED

Session 2: March-May- CLOSED

This club is open registration (no tryout) and girls will be placed on teams after the first day based on age and skill. If you have friends you would like to be with, we will make sure that you get placed with them.



Register Online Here!


When does the Developmental Club start and how long does it last?

PRACTICES are once a week on Sundays from 5:00-7:00pm (due to holidays and tournaments).

All practices will be posted on the Calander tab or the website.

3 tournament per session.


Our Goal

Developing the younger athlete and allowing them to mature into excellent volleyball players is the goal of our club. Willowbrook is a true training club that stresses consistent teaching of technique and strategy across all teams and age groups. We train each athlete the same way from the age of 10 to 18. Each year in our program, she will advance her skills by learning more advanced techniques that build on what she has already learned.

Being a Willowbrook player is more than just being part of a volleyball team: it’s being part of an elite group of girls, all ages, that have the same goals! Each girl will form bonds with other players, find positive mentors, meet her next best friend, and above all, HAVE FUN! She will learn good fundamental skills, and at the same time she will find out what self-discipline, confidence and leadership is all about! And if she works hard and stays with the program, she can excel at the sport of volleyball.

What makes the Developmental Club different from other volleyball programs, such as YMCA or a local sports association?

While those programs can be fun, they also have their flaws. Many times the coaching is inadequate, and there is no consistent training methodology. Without good coaching, you will find that each successive year brings more poor skills and bad habits that must be torn down, so that proper skills can be learned in their place. Plus, there are many clubs out there that have no capital investment other than a few dozen volleyballs.

Do you want a band-aid for your daugher’s current volleyball techniques? Or do you want to start her on the right track, learning the correct fundamental techniques from the start that will allow her to play at a high skill level?

Our idea is simple -- Each year, we will build consistent skills in young athletes by ensuring that every one of our coaches teaches "the Willowbrook Way" under the direction of our Training Directors.


*There are no refunds once the program has begun. You may use your fee for another camp or program at WSC.