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Willowbrook Sports Complex
Covid-19 Notice
Updated 11/23/2020

In order to try to keep everyone in our Willowbrook family as safe as possible, especially with our Club and Gator League seasons starting, it is important to use common sense practices when coming to the gym for practice and tournaments:

  • Take your temperature at the entrance to the facility immediately upon arrival.
  • Social distancing, masks, and hand washing will go a long way to keep everyone safe. 
  • All coaches, staff & any parents in the building must wear a mask at all times.
  • Players must wear a mask at all times. The only acceptable time to remove your mask will be while on the court. Players must do their best to maintain a safe distance from others not on your team.
  • If you feel bad, stay away.  If you start feeling ill during practice, tell your coach then leave the facility.
  • Notify Gabi, Lizzi or Talita by text or phone immediately if:
    • You are exposed to a person who is Covid-19 positive or presumed positive
    • You are exposed to a person who is waiting on a test, even if asymptomatic
    • You have had a Covid-19 test — DO NOT wait for the results before contacting us

 WSC’s full Covid -19 policy is available on our Covid-19 page, where we will continue to make detailed updates as this ever-fluid situation keeps changing.  Thank you for your cooperation. 





Willowbrook Sports Complex  
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