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Club Volleyball

Willowbrook and the Club System

Asics Willowbrook Volleyball Club is a part of a well-established nationwide club system, USA Volleyball. USAV is a national organization, which promotes and organizes systematic training and competition at the local, regional and national levels. There are over 30 clubs in our area, with each club having at least one team in each age division, from ages 12 to 18. Many clubs, including Willowbrook Volleyball, also have Men's and Women's Adult teams.

Asics Willowbrook VBC is one of the larger clubs in the Houston area, and one of the few with our own training complex, which includes 8 courts and a dedicated strength and conditioning gym. We distinguish ourselves as having won Houston's first national championship along with 2 other medals. Willowbrook is also the only club in the nation to achieve 2 Adult Open National Championships in the last 5 years! Organized in 2000, our growth and success are a result of our training philosophy, our dedicated directors and staff coaches, and of course, the hard work of our girls! Our training philosophy builds the player's skill set consistently from one year to the next.

The level of play in club ball is much higher than that found in local recreational leagues, such as the YMCA, and even school programs at the lower grades. This is primarily due to professional coaching. Club experience is important in developing as a player. Most, if not all, girls who make their high school teams (not to mention those that go on to win college scholarships) play club ball.

The Club Volleyball Season

The club volleyball season begins after school season ends, in the fall. Clubs have tryouts during the summer, prior to the start of school season. Teams begin practice after school season ends, usually around mid-November, then begin playing tournaments on many weekends starting in December. Club season ends at various times, usually late April. National teams usually continue to practice and compete in postseason play, perhaps even traveling to compete in the Junior National Championships or the AAU championships in the summer. Our

adult teams also compete during the same season and even travel to compete in the Adult National Championships.

The learning focus of the club experience is for the individuals to work together as a team, how to be competitive. This is done through team practice, four to six hours a week, two or three weeknights every week), and then tournament play on many Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. Tournaments usually last all day, and sometimes well into the night - so be forewarned! (Sunday play is usually morning through early afternoon.)

Getting Started in Club Volleyball

A certain level of skill is expected from each prospective player. Each club holds tryouts to determine if the prospect has sufficient ability to make the team. New players are at a disadvantage, particularly in the older age divisions. 

So how can a player get the necessary skills if they can't even get on a team? Many clubs have developmental teams for the early age groups. Older players may need a "jump start" -- formal instruction programs that can teach the skills necessary to play club ball.

There are many choices of teaching programs for developing players. Group instruction, such as our instructional leagues and developmental classes, can provide a set of fundamental skills the player can build on, and they include some play time. Summer camps provide intense training over a short period of time. Private instruction is helpful in identifying and correcting weak areas, or to perfect the player's technique. (Experienced players utilize summer camps and private lessons to hone their skills as well.)

Want to Play Club Ball?

If you are completely new to volleyball, or if you have had some experience through the YMCA or another local sports association, check out our Developmental Programs.

If you are 8-14 years of age, check out our Gator League which plays from December to May. Registration is ongoing in the late summer and early fall. In the meantime, try one of our All-Skills Camps in the summer.

If you are 12 years of age or older, and already know you like volleyball and want to learn more, we invite you to try out for Club Volleyball. Tryouts are held annually in July, so watch our website for announcements and info.

Our local (non-travel) program for is for ages 12-17, and practices twice a week, includes strength and conditioning once a week, and competes in 10 local tournaments. 

For the serious player, our Juniors Travel Teams program for ages 12-18 practices 2-3 times per week, attends strength and conditioning twice a week, and competes in 9-11 local and national tournaments. All travel teams participate in post-season play into the summer. 

Acceptance is determined through Tryouts in July, or come to one of our Select Training Camps and talk to the staff. For further information on any of our programs, see our Programs page, e-mail us, or call 281-807-0055.

Basic Club Volleyball Info

Developmental Teams Local Teams Regional Teams National Teams
Ages K-8th grade 11-17 12-18 12-18
Practices Once a Week Twice a Week Twice a Week Twice a Week (Sometimes 3x)
Performance Training Available Once a Week Twice a Week Twice a Week
Tournaments Houston Tournaments Houston Tournaments Houston and Texas Tournaments Houston, Texas & National Tournaments
Other Sports Allowed? Yes Yes Permission Required Permission Required
Players Receive 1 Asics Uniform Top 1 Asics Uniform Top 2 Asics Uniform Tops 3 Asics Uniform Tops
1 Pair of Spandex 1 Pair of Spandex 2 Pairs of Spandex 3 Pairs of Spandex
1 Pair of Asics Shoes 2 Practice Shirts 2 Practice Shirts 2 Practice Shirts
1 Practice Shirt 1 Pair of Shorts 1 Pair of Shorts 1 Pair of Shorts
Bag Backpack Backpack Backpack
1 Pair of Asics Socks 2 Pairs of Asics Socks 3 Pairs of Asics Socks
1 Pair of Asics Shoes 1 Pair of Asics Shoes 1 Pair of Asics Shoes
Set of Warm Ups Set of Warm Ups Set of Warm Ups