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Fall League


We are excited to announce that Willowbrook is offering another Fall season of competitive, developmental training in 2021.

This will result in better training and competition for all developing players. Read on for more details! 

The Fall League is a program that will combine individual training and team play. This program is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced 3rd-6th grade volleyball players who are interested in growing their knowledge of the game. (Kinder-2nd grade, email Talita Benavides for acceptance.) We will also have a 7/8th grade training team! The practices and competition nights will be run by experienced Willowbrook Club coaches.

School groups are also encouraged to join and improve their game together.

Come join the Fall Volleyball League and work to become a fundamentally sound volleyball player while having fun in the process!

7/8th graders are welcome and encouraged!


Willowbrook’s 21th Annual Fall League Schedule

  • 2021 DATES: (Revised 7/13/2021)
  • September1
  • September 8
  • September 15
  • September 22
  • September 27
  • September 29 - Scrimmage Night
  • October 13
  • October 20
  • October 25
  • October 27 - Scrimmage Night

Scrimmage Nights: Sept 29 and Oct 27
*Dates and time are subject to change

TIME: 6-7:30pm

Cost: $275

If you have any questions, please email Talita Benavides for more information.