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An Important Message to our Willowbrook Family & Friends:

There was an incident that occurred at the Tour of Texas/TX Championship Series this past weekend (Feb. 8-9, 2020) at the Dallas Convention Center. An adult man, with no child playing, was removed from the facility after being caught taking pictures and videos of the girls playing and changing on the sidelines. Willowbrook takes this issue VERY seriously, and we want you all to know that we already have active measures in place to help prevent this kind of issue. Willowbrook has a full time police officer that is present at all of our tournaments, and stays until the end of the day. He is not just there to patrol the parking lot. Even more importantly, he is there to keep an eye on the patrons of the tournament and make sure they are there supporting a player, and not doing anything out of the ordinary. This is also why you will always see our owner, Jeff Hill, in the parking lot at the start of all tournaments, and throughout the day. Both Jeff and our police officer are not just there to control the parking, but rather to monitor and see everyone who is coming to the gym that day BEFORE they enter our facility. Our Willowbrook girls, and all girls from other clubs participating in our tournaments, can be assured their safety is our top priority, and it will continue to be this way. Please do not hesitate to bring to our attention any uncomfortable situation you might see at one of our tournaments or in our facility. We will continue to be proactive about the players and their families safety, and it will always be our top priority!

The Willowbrook Staff





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